Sausage & Cheddar Muffins from Food & Wine

For Christmas we received Market Math, the cookbook from Food & Wine which is based on the column of the same name from their magazine.  In the column, they take one ingredient and use it four ways.  It is genius and allows you to buy that bigger package of something and know it won’t goRead more

Parsley Hollandaise Sauce with Slow Cooked Poached Eggs

While we were not paying attention Charlotte Julienne turned five! Maybe it was the hectic first Christmas being away from family and having to travel.  Maybe it was that we had two kids home for ELEVEN days straight.  Maybe it was the endless pile of laundry that never seems to go away or get smaller.  ButRead more

Cake Donuts with Glassy Pecans & Rosemary

We have been a little bit addicted to the PBS show ChefSteps.  Fabulous three to five minute clips of recipes cooked by these young hipster chefs in a gorgeous loft space.  They use induction cook tops and sous vide techniques.  They talk about Tinder dates and sport tattoos and mustaches.  Based in Seattle’s Pike Place,Read more