Lemon Cilantro Chicken Soup with Dumplings

  We have had very strange weather here in New England this year.  Here it is, December 23, and the only snow we have had was back in late October.  This week we have had loads of rain with thunder and lightening.  The kind of weather that screams out for comfort food.  To us, comfortRead more

Mushroom Dashi Broth With Pressed Leeks and Scallions.

We love to use some of the flavours of Japan in our cooking. Dashi, in its most popular form, is a broth made by making a stock containing kombu (seaweed) and  kezurikatsuo (fermented Tuna). Having found some great mushrooms at our local Waitrose supermarket in Yorkshire, we decided to make an Asian mushroom dashi. TheRead more