Fried Yellow Tomatoes Inspired by a Trip to Poogan’s Porch in Charleston

  We took a trip to Charleston, South Carolina to eat dinner at McCrady’s.  This trip was inspired from one of Giada De Laurentiss’ Weekend Getaway shows.  She had visited McCrady’s and raved about it.  We had never been to South Carolina and we love to try new restaurants so it was added to ourRead more

Gluten Free Quinoa, Roasted Vegetables & Goat Cheese Salad with Pan Roasted Chicken

We had a request yesterday to blog about a gluten free dinner.  This is one of our favorite and most flavorful gluten free recipes.   Ingredients: 2C tri colored quinoa 4C homemade chicken stock roasted vegetables of your choice goats cheese toasted pecans a handful of thyme zest & juice of one lemon roasted chickenRead more