Midnight Snack

My husband works a lot.  We don’t see him in the summer and although we are two months into fall we haven’t really seen him as much as we had hoped or thought we would.  He often leaves for work by seven in the morning and sometimes returns well after or just before midnight.  AlthoughRead more

Roasted Duck Breast with Wheat Berries, Roasted Cauliflower, Carrot, Pea Puree & Citrus Jus

We often buy a whole duck and then break it down for several meals. By doing it this way, we are also able to have a good supply of  duck stock and duck fat (for roasting). Even if you are just buying the duck breast you can still keep the rendered fat for a futureRead more

Sweet Piccalilli

      Piccalilli is a traditional and curiously British condiment that was probably influenced by the British who lived and traveled to the Indian continent.  Having been exposed to spicy chutneys and curries, they, on return to the British isles, looked to recreate some of the exotic flavors.        Piccalilli contains cauliflower and usually aRead more