Smoked Blackfish Kedgeree

For Father’s Day my husband received a small Weber Smoker from our children.  We decided to use it to smoke two pieces of blackfish which were caught locally and given to my husband by a colleague.  We started by rubbing the fish in Kosher salt, ground pepper, brown sugar, thyme and rosemary.  We covered thisRead more

Jane Green’s Curried Creamy Chicken

Jane Green’s cookbook, Good Taste, arrived yesterday.  If you read my last post you will know that I was one of twenty winners of this lovely book.  I have read it cover to cover and have found many recipes I cannot wait to try out and share with you.  The book itself is gorgeous.  Filled withRead more

Coronation Chicken On Toast

  You might have noticed that we are a little obsessed with serving things on toast this week.  We have been busy and it is just an easy fix for supper.  Coronation Chicken is a very British dish that has a Royal history.  It quickly has become popular with friends and family in the States.   It was inventedRead more