Grey Sole with Bok Choy & Ginger Pear Mayonnaise

Grey sole is a very underestimated fish.  Maybe it is its name “grey” that often puts people off?  It is also know by two other  (and equally uninspiring) names- Witch Flounder & Pole Dab …..all we can say is that of all the sole the Grey Sole has the most delicate of flavor.  As itRead more

Raw Salmon Ribbons with Poached Quails Egg, Ponzu and Black Seasame Seeds

This is quick to make and is a wonderful combination of flavors that makes a great healthy snack or a great appetizer at a dinner party.  You should only use very fresh salmon that is firm to the touch and has no fish odor. We bought ours at Fresh Acres in Springfield, MA   KeepRead more

Hake with Golden Beets, Pancetta & Potatoes

We found these golden beets at Whole Foods. They looked so great that we had to get them. Once home we just had the dilemma of what to serve with them so in something akin to Chopped we looked for interesting ingredients to make the final dish. We found some HAKE and colored new potatoes.  In England,Read more