Strawberry Balsamic Crostata with Lavender & Thyme

If you’ve been reading our blog you will know that we (way) over picked strawberries this past week.  That said…we’ve been eating a lot (a lot) of strawberry based things these past few days.  One of our favorites has been this simple strawberry balsamic crostata.  Despite the hot temperatures we still turned on the ovenRead more

Blackberry Lime Blue Moon Sorbet with Ginger Thin Crumbles and Shaved Lavender Dark Chocolate

  Most days of the week I’d pick ice-cream over sorbet any day.  You might say I’m a bit of an ice-cream addict.  Once it is in the house most of our other family members don’t stand a chance! I’ve been trying to do better though, so I’ve been opting to purchase sorbets over ice-creams.Read more