Carnival Food

Here in Western Massachusetts we have just finished a two week run of the Eastern States Exposition, or, as we call it, The Big E.  If you grew up here, like I did, your childhood probably consisted of annual trips to this state fair and wouldn’t have been complete without a ride down the bigRead more

Zucchini Festival West Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Today we stopped by the Zucchini Festival in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  This annual event draws quite the crowd…so much so that we drove around the entire town about three times before we could find a parking spot.  The festival was full of zucchini enthusiasts including the Zucchini Queenie who was dressed in green sequence andRead more

Mt. View Restaurant in Hampden, Massachusetts

  Sometimes we remember places from our childhood as being super amazing. When we revisit them as adults we often realize it was just the excitement of childhood and eating out that was the good part…not the case with Mt. View Restaurant in Hampden, Massachusetts.   For true locals in my age range, Mt. ViewRead more