Sunken Buttermilk Cream Cheese Muffins with Rhubarb

We’re not going to lie.  These did not turn out like we had planned.  We pictured beautiful fluffy muffins with creamy centers.  Instead we got a sunken middles and an oozy centers.  Keeping the glass half full…we went with it and ended up with a really delicious soft muffins with a stuffed centers. We hadRead more

Sous Vide Pressed Rhubarb with Creme Anglaise

There is something about rhubarb that I just love.  It might be my strong childhood memories of our big rhubarb plant which grew on the side of our garage near the vegetable garden or of my mother making strawberry rhubarb pies…or just the fact that it seems like a very antique fruit which makes meRead more