New England Food Truck Festival 2015

This past weekend The Big E Fairgrounds in West Springfield, Massachusetts played host to the 2015 New England Food Truck Festival.   When we went on Sunday we thought we’d arrive right at noon when they opened.  It was already packed. The lines were l.o.n.g. The sun was h.o.t. The kids were h.u.n.g.r.y. You getRead more

Carnival Food

Here in Western Massachusetts we have just finished a two week run of the Eastern States Exposition, or, as we call it, The Big E.  If you grew up here, like I did, your childhood probably consisted of annual trips to this state fair and wouldn’t have been complete without a ride down the bigRead more

Baghdad Bakery West Springfield, Massachusetts

A few weeks ago we were set up selling our oh so yummy small batch food products at The Alchemy Fair in Holyoke.  To us, the best part of actually bringing our small batch selections out into the community and away from the vagueness of the internet, is meeting the people who buy them.  WeRead more