Berkshire Blue a Review

With summer here we are feeling very lucky to have so many great local products right in our area.  This summer we hope to feature a few of them here at Charlotte Julienne so that everyone reading can discover how incredible food from the Berkshires really is.  One of our favorites is Berkshire Blue.  This blue cheese is creamy and blue without being too blue if you know what we mean.  Made from whole unpasteurized Jersey Cows’ milk which comes from a nearby farm, the flavor is not overpowering as it often can be with blue cheese.  Each wheel is given twelve hours of attendance in the make room and given nine weeks to become Berkshire Blue.  We love that this cheese is artisanal and made by hand right up to the labels being applied.  Recently we served some on Father’s Day and heard a lot of “oh wow…this is really good” comments, so we know it is not just us.  Berkshire Blue is located in Dalton, Massachusetts.





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