Berkshire Brewing Company Pale Ale Lamb Hotpot

Berkshire Brewing Company produces some great beers that are not only good drinking, but also great for cooking with. We love this time of year as the days shorten and the leaves fall. It’s a time for lovely comfort food. Lamb hotpot is a traditional dish from Lancashire in England. So this dish brings together a little of old and “new” England.



For our lamb hotpot we made the filling in our pressure cooker, but this recipe works just as well in a slow cooker or in your oven (if made in the oven cook low and slow).


Firstly, peel and dice a selection of root vegetables.


 Next, take lamb chops and remove the meat from the bone. Don’t throw the bones away… we will come to that in a bit.



Begin by lightly seasoning and browning the meat.



Whilst the meat is browning, wrap a selection of herbs (including a bay leaf and garlic clove) in a little cheesecloth and tie.



Do the same with the trimmed bones.



Dice some celery.



Add all the vegetables to the meat, herbs and bones.



At this point open a bottle of the pale ale (this is a good point to sample just a little of the beer).



Pour in about a cup of the brew then cover and cook until the lamb is tender (about 24 minutes in a pressure cooker).



Remove the bones and add them along with the herbs to a pot of cold salted water. Peel and thickly slice some waxy potatoes then heat the water until just cooked then strain.



 Pour the lamb mixture into a dish.



Spread the potatoes evenly over the mix.




Cover with a little parchment paper and refrigerate until needed. Reheat in a hot oven until piping hot.  Remove the paper during the last 5 to 10 minutes to allow the potatoes to brown on top.



Great to serve family style.
Garnish with a little sprig of thyme.



The Berkshire Brewing Company Traditional Pale Ale is a great accompaniment to this hearty dish.


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