Hungry Ghost Bread Northampton

Today we visited a well documented bread shop called Hungry Ghost Bread in Northampton, Massachusetts.  We had heard so much about this bread and so nearly seven years after its opening we finally got around to visiting.  According to the shop’s web site “hungry ghosts are spirits of insatiable desire that can never be satisfied.”  They relate this to their sourdough starter which they feed twice a day to keep it from dying.

When we walked inside we could smell the aroma of nutty warmth coming from the freshly baked bread.

We decided to purchase two loaves- one French round and one 8 grain.  The bread cost five dollars per loaf, a bargain when you think about paying $4.50+ for supermarket loaves.  Unless you are keen on making your own, which we generally are, there is nothing to compare this to in our local area.  As we are spending so much time traveling between the States and the UK this year, we have had to let our sourdough starter go.  This trip to the Hungry Ghost will not be our last as we were very happy to, at long last, find a bread shop which produces quality bread.

Inside the shop everything was very artsy and simple yet with an aire of trendiness that you can find in places like Northampton or Brooklyn.

We have enjoyed this bread many different ways today including with jam, on a pork sandwich and toasted with some lovely chicken liver parfait.  We hope you will get a chance to visit this little treasure.  They are located at 62 State Street in Northampton, Massachusetts.

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