José Andrés Chorizo Ibérico with Cod Loin, Black Rice, Peas and Saffron Lemon Butter Sauce

One of our favorite stores near home is Table and Vine in West Springfield. Along with a extensive selection of wines and beer, this store also has some great cheeses. We also found some genuine Chorizo Ibérico that is sold through Fermin a José Andrés brand.  We have the afore mentioned Chef’s cookbook Tapas a taste of Spain in America and have also eaten at his restaurant in Washington DC.  (
Real Spanish Chorizo has an earthy, smokey flavor and much less heat than its spicy Mexican cousin. This product is sliced thin and you can see all the delicious fat from the black hoof Ibérico pig running through it..
First we heated a little cream with lemon zest and saffron then whisked in cold butter to make a butter sauce. Adjust the seasoning then leave in a warm place or on the lowest stove setting.
Place a frying pan over a medium flame then add the slices of Chorizo. Be careful as they will burn if the heat is too high, the idea is to render a little fat and crisp them slightly.
Remove from the pan and set aside.
Season the Cod with salt and pepper then place in the same pan that the Chorizo was cooked in. You will need to have the heat turned up and may need a little olive oil with the rendered Chorizo fat.
We served ours with some black rice, garden peas, pea shoots and of course the Saffron lemon butter sauce.
The rich chorizo and the flaky cod are a great marriage but we found the dish worked incredibly well with a little of each element together in one bite.  We will now be on the look out for other  José Andrés products.


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