Luxe Burger Bar Springfield, Massachusetts


We have been driving by this burger bar for a while now and decided to stop in the other night when cooking just seemed like too big a task after battling the after school pick up crowd and the incredibly full parking lot at the grocery store.  We had not read anything about the menu or any of the local reviews…we were going in blind with two very tired and hungry preschoolers.


The space itself was beautiful.  Bright, modern full of knock off Lichtenstein and Warhol “esque” art with these gorgeous sculptural spirals hanging from the very high ceiling.  The restaurant was fairly empty (we are running with the pre-5 crowd these days) and we were seated right away.  They seemed fairly well staffed for a Tuesday night.  Our server was great.  He was attentive and friendly.


We both built our own burgers.  We liked that they offered so many choices.


With most of our local restaurant choices, we often say that we prefer to just go out and sit at a bar, have a drink and a snack. You can’t really be disappointed when you do that.  We would have liked to do that here too…but when you have two kids life is no longer quite so easy.  So we got a booth and some crayons and called it a day.




Speaking of crayons…can we just say a big huge “thank you” to Luxe Burger Bar for providing kids with really good crayons? You know, up until last year when we became parents we would not have thought twice about crayons at a restaurant.  But let us tell you…crayons are a BIG deal when you have two little kids.  Those waxy, cheap crayons that break the minute you pick them up cause a lot of unnecessary tears when kids are hungry and tired.  So thank you, Luxe.  Crayola was a great choice.



When the food came we were starving.  While we both agree we wouldn’t call it “luxe” food (again…see last post…we are quite picky), it was a good burger, albeit lacking in presentation.  We ordered the ultimate Waygu Beef burgers cooked medium rare.  One of us kept it simple and the other added creamy goat cheese, baby lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions (they forgot to put these on), and Tzatziki sauce on a sesame bun.  It wasn’t by any means Kobe beef, but perhaps the lower end American version? We weren’t sure.  It was good though.


Our kids had fun.  They left less hungry than they went in and it got us out for the night.  We don’t often go to the same spot twice (and we don’t often just eat burgers)…but this has got us curious to try the other burger bar right around the corner for a little comparison.  Maybe next week.

Luxe Burger Bar is located at 1200 West Columbus Avenue in Springfield, Massachusetts

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