Pan Roasted Halibut on a bed of Saffron Roasted Potatoes with Asparagus and Pea Shoots

We have been trying to eat more fish lately.  This super simple spring supper was so delicious and easy to make.  Our entire dinner was inspired by these lovely pea shoots which we happened across at our local market.

We began by infusing olive oil with saffron.  We let this stand for quite some time while we prepped our other ingredients.

We squeezed the juice of a Meyer lemon into some olive oil and set it aside to be used later to dress our fish.


We cubed two red potatoes and blanched some asparagus.  

 After about two minutes we removed the asparagus and placed it into an ice bath.

The potatoes were pan roasted in the olive oil and saffron infusion until they were golden brown.

Meanwhile we took this lovely piece of halibut and pan roasted it with a simple salt and pepper mixture.  When it was finished we placed it on top of the potatoes and decorated the dish with the asparagus around the edges.  We took our Meyer lemon dressing and lightly drizzled it atop the fish.

As I mentioned earlier, we were so excited to find these fresh and vibrant pea shoots.  We knew we wanted to use them to brighten up this dish and placed them on top of the fish.  The crunch of the sprout added a lovely texture to the dinner.  

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