Pineapple Brown Sugar Pancake Minis

My kids love pancakes.  So much in fact that I find myself making them at least once a week.   More often than not, we end up with a few more pancakes than we can actually eat at one breakfast.  At one time we would have thrown them away, but now we save them for extra yummy dessert treats.  Using a small circular cutter I cut identical shapes out of the leftovers.  We like to dip half of the pancake cut out in white chocolate, stack them and pour on the toppings.  The kids love them for a sweet treat.  We topped ours with a pineapple brown sugar sauce that we made by simply chopping some left over fresh pineapple and bringing it to a simmer with a spoonful of light brown sugar.   Finished they are the size of an Oreo, but a little bit more special because they seem like a homemade dessert.

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