Seize the Day


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Does “seize the day” take you back to a great movie night watching Robin Williams in The Dead Poet’s Society? It sure does for us.  This little curation includes our very favorite sea salt in both original and rosemary.  From Newport Sea Salt, this reef-harvested salt is perfect for finishing savory dishes but works equally well on chocolate chip cookies or gooey brownies.  2oz. of original salt and 2.5oz. of rosemary salt (also infused with thyme). Newport Sea Salt is veteran owned and the salt is hand harvested in Rhode Island. To keep you baking, we’ve paired this with a gorgeous linen apron and Dick Taylor’s handsomely packaged Craft Chocolate with brown butter nibs and sea salt.  73% dark. 2 oz. The package is as beautiful as the chocolate. Prices include shipping within US.

Chocolate Ingredients:

Cacao, cane sugar, Butter, Fleur de Sel.