Real Hot Chocolate

A few days ago we were fortunate enough to get quite a snow storm.  It was absolutely lovely since we were on vacation with no where we had to be…well ok, I was on vacation and my sweet husband managed to find time to spoil me a wee bit before he left for work.  Knowing I don’t drink much tea or any coffee, my fabulous husband suggested I might like a cup of hot cocoa.  I love cocoa.  It was a great idea and I expected my cup of Swiss Miss to arrive with some dehydrated marshmallows melted on top….but then I remembered I was married to a chef.


Have you ever had homemade cocoa?? I hadn’t.  It was amazing.  Even better perhaps because I didn’t even have to get out of my chair.


To make this cocoa begin by selecting your chocolate.  We used 60% Ghirardelli Bittersweet Cacao.


Note to readers…this is also AMAZING with raspberry chocolate chips!! 




Warm the milk slightly and then pour in your chips.  We did this off the heat before returning the pan to the heat to whisk.



We whisked this on the stove over a very low heat until the chips were melted.



Maybe even better than the cocoa itself was the whipped cream that floated on top.
To heavy cream add a little powdered sugar and a splash of vanilla essence.



Whisk until firm.  This took about three minutes.
Need I say more?!



As if it weren’t good enough this nice dusting of cocoa powder on top made this cocoa just delicious.  It is also great with powdered sugar on top!



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