Gin & Tonic Gums
A fun take on the classic G&T in gummy form.
    1. Set circulator to 140 degrees f.
    2. Mix together gelatin powder, 10 grams of gin, tonic water and lemon or lime juice. Pour into a zip lock bag, seal and cook for 25 minutes in the circulator.
    3. Mix together sugar, cream of tartar, corn syrup and 40 grams of gin. Heat in saucepan just until bubbles start to form.
    4. Combine both mixtures, pour into molds and let set about 30 minutes or until firm in fridge.
    5. Carefully brush tops of mold with sugar and remove from molds. Toss in a bowl of sugar and store in fridge. This is important because these do not contain much gelatin. The idea is that when they hit the warmth of your mouth they will dissolve.