Once upon a time on a Friday night in late March a crazy British boy drove eight hours to meet an American girl he had never spoken to.  She was really too tired for the date but she took a nap and pulled herself together.  He arrived holding two bottles of champagne.  He took her out to dinner.  He knew what to do with the wine when it arrived at the table.  He paid for the date.  He was too good to be true and much, much better than the previous 58 match dot com dates she had endured before his arrival.  He spent two years trying to convince her to try Marmite and baked beans.  She spent two years trying to teach him about baseball.  They made the eight hour drive countless times, each journey being grilled by customs agents at the borders.   Eventually they decided they should just get married.  They eloped at the public gardens in Boston surrounded by willow trees and swan boats.  They experienced an amazing dinner at the chef’s table at L’Espalier.  They bought a little puppy.  A year later they decided to start a food blog.  It was really horrible at first.  But they kept at it and today…it is not so bad.  They adopted two beautiful children and moved to a new state.  And now their real life has finally sort of started.  Welcome to Charlotte Julienne.

Read more about us or see some photos at  the Berkshire Eagle , Balderdash Cellars , The Besty , Serious Eats, Masslive Food

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  1. What a beautiful website in style and content! I feel hungry though I’ve just eaten a big breakfast, and part of the gang even though I’m 12,000 miles away. Well done, team! I look forward to spoiling American friends through you. Hooray!!!

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