Saturday Night Snacks

In the soon to be published Good Taste Cookbook by commercial fiction author Jane Green, you will find the recipe for these savory & sweet snacks which I managed to polish off in one sitting.  Alone.  While watching James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke.  (Do you just love this show? I am addicted.  It is my new favorite YouTube find.  I know, I know, I am late to the game but so glad I finally found it.) Did I mention I ate them all? Yeah.  I did.  They are so yummy if you love the savory / sweet thing…which I clearly do.  Since Ms. Green has made a video telling you all how easy these are to make I think I can share the recipe.  It could not be simpler.  Before I do though can I just tell you how much mileage we have gotten out of our two sage plants that we bought at the beginning of the summer? They were tiny.  We paid about $6 for both of them and planted them in a big terra-cotta pot on our patio.  They grew and grew and produced so much sage that we have been loving it all summer long.  Do you know how much all that sage would have cost in the market?! Next summer you must buy one.  You will be so glad you did.  Ours is still going strong even though I cut it back thinking we were done for the season.

Ok, ok, back to the recipe.  It is perfect for snacks or a lunch addition…or starter.  We bought dates at the market and they were already pitted but not cut in half- so we cut them lengthwise down the center but left them attached at both ends.  A sage leaf was stuffed inside and a slice of prosciutto was wrapped around it.  They were baked at 350 for ten minutes and then brushed with syrup upon removal from the oven.  We found this delicious Roasted Pecan Syrup from Blackberry Patch at Home Goods and oh my goodness…the nutty flavor was incredible with the sage and date.  Easy and delicious…and yet another reason why I LOVE this cookbook.










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