Second Annual Mystic Food Truck Rally 2016

We spent the afternoon in Mystic, Connecticut at the Mystic Aquarium for the second annual Mystic Food Truck Rally.  It was our first time going and we had such fun.  You never know how things will go when you venture out alone with kids at lunchtime.  Mine were particularly patient and well behaved today so this trip was a real treat.  We decided to walk the entire event before selecting what to try.  The kids were up for sharing so we were able to get a few more things than we might have if we each did individual meals.  We LOVED that there were a variety of trucks and that a lot of them were not just trailers like you might see at a fair or something.

Our first stop was for some Spanish rice & beans.  We stopped at Dee’s out of Hartford.  Now I am not a big rice and bean eater.  I don’t like the bean part.  But our kids…our kids LOVE rice and beans.  The authentic kind.  Not what I attempt to make.  Although I’d love to learn from someone who actually makes them all the time.  This was a huge serving and by the end of our first sit down there was not a grain of rice left.  Both kids agreed this was amazing.  I know that they ate a lot of rice and beans as toddlers and are a bit picky about the flavors behind it…Dee’s out of Hartford delivered.  Their taste memories came right back and I could see how much they were enjoying the flavor.





If you are going to this event with kids you will be pleasantly surprised.  The music was great, there are a few opportunities for the kids to win prizes (they all win…or so it seems) and the people there to promote the aquarium and local radio stations are great with kids.  If you haven’t been to the aquarium yet you should.  It is a wonderful stop for kids.  The Beluga whales are our favorites but the sea lion show is a very close second!


This wasn’t our first time eating at The Rolling Tomato…you might remember we ate there last year around this time when we were at a party.  This pizza is really good.  Thin and crispy and the flavor?! Garlic and basil – so good.



You know how we love our tacos here…so when we saw a woman eating some tacos we had to check them out so we headed over to the Taco Tequila Food Truck.  We ordered the tacos de pollo.  Fresh and flavorful- the cilantro and lime made these super yummy.



Our next stop was to Hardcore Sweet Cupcake.  Oh. My. God.  These were amazing!!! We bought a cookie dough cupcake and decided we absolutely could not leave without taking a Hog Wild cupcake with us.  We saved them until we got home which is probably a good thing…had we eaten them there we might have had to go back and purchase every single one they had left.  They were that good.  Can we talk about the flavor of the Hog Wild?! Chocolate, maple, beer & bacon.  This was the best cupcake I’ve ever eaten in my entire life.  The flavor of the beer with the chocolate and salty bacon was incredible.  INCREDIBLE.  Our kids were pretty impressed that they were winners of Cupcake Wars as they have been slightly addicted to past episodes on Netflix lately. One final note- we didn’t get his name, but the server there was incredibly careful serving and so great with kids.








From there we went on to the Cannoli Truck.  Again, totally lovely servers.  These people are so super with kids! My little guy couldn’t wait to try a cannoli.  He tried his best to be patient but after a few too many photos he looked up at me and said “Mommy I’m just dying to eat this can I please take a bite?!”  to which of course I couldn’t say no.




Saving the best for last…my favorite stop of the day was to the Yardbird and Co. truck.  This is a new truck based in Connecticut with a focus on fresh and seasonal ingredients.  We ordered potato wedges with ramp aioli.  The flavor of the aioli was amazing.  The hot potato wedges were salty and crisp and the creamy aioli just gave them this pop that made me wish we had gotten two orders.  My six year old decided this was his favorite stop of the day too.








The Mystic Food Truck Rally is going on tomorrow (Sunday, May 22) too! You can find them in the back parking lot at the Mystic Aquarium at 55 Coogan Blvd. in Mystic.  If you are in the area check it out.  They are open from 11-5.  Admission is $5 for adults and kids under 12 are free.

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