Small Batch Cocktails

We don’t get out much.  This year we managed an overnight to NYC where we were for a total of about ten hours before we had to head home.  We also did take a trip to South Carolina where we actually got an entire weekend in.  That is rare though as most of the year we do not even get a date night.  Although this is mostly NOT by choice but due to nearly impossible scheduling, we do, to be fair, love being home.  Our nights often start at eight or nine once the kids are asleep and we are finally home together.  Sometimes this includes making dinner and sometimes it is just simple snacks and a glass of wine.  Last night we branched out and made small batch cocktails.  What makes a cocktail small batch?  It isn’t just a trendy term that has been getting more popular.  Small batch is just that.  Things that are made in small batches.  Things that are made somewhat small scale by people you can actually read about and ingredients you can actually pronounce.  Things that are made with integrity and care.

Last year we happened upon Bootblack Brand cocktail and soda syrup at a fabulous pop-up holiday market held at FarmTrue in North Stonington, Connecticut.  We fell for the colors and font on the labels and quickly fell in love with the flavor combinations.  From Traditional to Ginger Cardamom Lime, every single version they make is fantastic.  Bootblack is made in Rhode Island, which we love, and was created due to a frustration with the quality of flavors available for classic cocktails.  We love that these mixers can be used with spirits or waters, for drinks and vinaigrettes and just provide a really solid flavor that is fresh and anything but bottled tasting.

Opting for the Cranberry Jalapeño Lime, we mixed one part of syrup with two parts of small batch vodka and three parts cranberry seltzer.  Shaken with ice and finished with fresh lime slices, this was simple & fun and a good switch up from the glass of wine we usually unwind with.  Add the toasty fire in the background, a great British Netflix series and date night at home never looked so good.

Recently Bootblack Brand was recognized by Yankee Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Food Awards. Highlighting locally made food products and their makers, these awards celebrate the quality and variety of New England food products.  We are so glad to carry Bootblack Brand at Charlotte Julienne in Watch Hill and look forward to keeping our shelves stocked with all of their flavors next season.  


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