Sweet Potato and Sage Gnocchi

These sweet potato gnocchi  are great with roast pork.


Sweet potato 500g
Semolina flour 150g
1 egg yolk.
1/2 tablespoon of rubbed sage (or chopped fresh sage if you have it).
Salt and pepper.

Peel sweet potatoes.

Place in a pot of cold salted water then bring slowly to a boil then simmer until fork tender.

Rice or mash.
Add dry ingredients and egg yolk.
Mix well to combine into a dough.

Take some of the dough and roll into a sausage.
Cut into gnocchi.
Bring some well salted water to a boil then add the gnocchi.

Once they rise to the surface remove.
Chill in some ice water and then keep in the fridge until needed.

To serve saute in a little oil and butter. Once they are browned add a little more sage.

We served them with roast pork, rutabaga puree and cabbage.

Once plated drizzle a little olive oil.


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