Swiss Chard and Goats Cheese Omelete with Organic Eggs

 We found these beautiful organic eggs at the farmer’s market and did not hesitate to spend the five dollars to get them.  We especially loved the blue egg!  Where we live you don’t see farm fresh eggs very often, so this was a treat.



We also purchased some gorgeous Swiss chard.  The stalks were so beautiful we could not resist!
We removed the leaves from the stems and set the stems aside to pickle at a later date.



We cooked down the chard with some fresh parsley and thyme.



To make our omelete we set aside some eggs, goats cheese, butter and heavy cream.  We don’t often get the luxury of eating a Sunday breakfast together, so when we do we tend to splurge and use cream rather than milk.  We think it adds a creaminess that you just can’t get with low fat milk.


Once the chard and herbs were cooked down we roughly chopped them in preparation for adding to our omelete.


We cracked the eggs into a bowl and added in the cream.
Once in the pan we added the butter and topped the mixture with the Swiss chard and goats cheese.
To finish our omelete we placed it under the broiler for a minute or two.
As the omelete is removed from the pan gently allow it to fold over.
The eggs had a noticeably different taste than regular store bought eggs- they were fresh and had much more volume.  The bitterness of the chard was set off by the lovely creamy cheese.  This is really a great Sunday morning breakfast and is big enough to share!



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