Zucchini Festival West Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Today we stopped by the Zucchini Festival in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  This annual event draws quite the crowd…so much so that we drove around the entire town about three times before we could find a parking spot.  The festival was full of zucchini enthusiasts including the Zucchini Queenie who was dressed in green sequence and making the rounds waving at the crowds. We loved seeing the community come together for such a fun event and only wished we could have stayed into the night for the fireworks.


  The highlight of our visit was a trip to the Raven & Boar booth for a BLT topped with zucchini relish.  Of all the food offered at this year’s zucchini festival, we found the BLT with zucchini relish to be the most interesting and, just as an aside, the most amazing thing we’ve eaten all week.  The relish was almost coleslaw like in its flavor, but added a lightness to the BLT which we weren’t expecting.  The bread of the sandwich was out of this world and the bacon was outstanding. Can we also just say that their booth was fabulous?! Simple, farm-like, clean, great graphics and lovely labels on the accompaniments.  It drew us in before we even read the menu.



If you have a chance check out the Raven & Boar web site.  


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