90+ Pinot Grigio from 90+ Cellars

When it comes to Pinot Grigio we always seem to go for our all-time favorite, Santa Margherita.  It never lets us down.  It goes with almost everything we eat in the summertime.  However… it runs between $25-29 a bottle.  And so, when you find yourself drinking a bottle (or five or six) a week….it adds up.  We knew we needed another favorite, an everyday favorite, a favorite that would not break our little bank.


The other day we were perusing the aisles in our summertime market and came across this striking label for 90+ CELLARS Pinot Grigio.  The bright orange label with clean lettering pulled us right in.  And, priced at $10.99, it was a more economical choice than our usual favorite.


At home we love our pinot with ice.  This is true no matter how cold we get it in the fridge.  Don’t shudder fine wine people.  We wouldn’t dare do this out and about…but at home, where we just don’t care…bring on the ice.  Especially lately on these miserable, hot, humid days of our Berkshire summer.


This wine was great! It was (for lack of better terms) zesty and had a dry yet fruity flavor to it.  It left us with a little pucker and reminded us of a sauvignon blanc.   We liked it so much we went to their web site to find out more.  Their story is really cool.  To summarize (and hopefully not butcher it too much)…a group of people wanted to find a bunch of wines that were really good but be able to label them under their own label at better prices.  They contacted various wineries and some said yes- hence the label was born.  90+ Cellars is a label.  The wines come from different wineries.  It seems like a sort of buy out of sorts- they get the bottles for better prices keeping anonymity for the wineries.  The bottom line is that we loved it.  It is cheap enough that we can buy it (somewhat frequently) without feeling guilty…and we will!


Check out their web site by clicking the link below.



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