Agave Lemonade


A while back we purchased a container of agave nectar which we did not get around to even opening until this past week.  Like many of you, we spend our fair share of time on Facebook, and while reading through the status updates one morning, I noticed that one of my Facebook friends had written


As I discovered last summer, homemade agave lemonade is the best.  I can still attest to this today.”
If it was the best I wanted to know how he made it, and, thanks to Quinn, now you can know too.




Quinn said he “just squeezed a small lemon in a big glass, left the lemon wedges in, added agave nectar and water and stirred it all up! The proportions of everything are really depending on preference.”


Agave nectar is quite sweet, and, depending on the variation you purchase, light, dark or raw, the flavor  will change and intensify.  The beauty of it is that it is a good alternative for vegan cooking.  We loved the subtle maple like flavor it added to our lemonade.  In our case we added very little since one of us (not the one writing this…) does not like things too sweet.  It was refreshing and so easy to make.  We topped ours off with a mint sprig stirrer.



Thanks, Quinn, for sharing your fabulous drink recipe with us! It has become one of our favorite summertime drinks.


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