Alligator with Peppers, Potato & Radish

Every now and again we find something a little more interesting at the butchers. What is more, if the interesting ingredient is alligator, then you may find that you can create some excitement for dinner with your children. Kids are often picky about trying new things, but if it is alligator then you may be pleasantly surprised.


I am sure that if you live in Florida then this is a very common meal, but here in Massachusetts they (alligators) are a little harder to come by.



As the “gator” came frozen, we had to wait for it to defrost then drain off the liquid.



As the peppers are so great at this time of the year, we decided to pair some with our alligator.



We sliced the peppers and mixed with red onion, tomato, bay, a splash of sherry vinegar, salt & pepper then cooked down with a little garlic once the onions had softened.




Meanwhile take a couple of potatoes and dice. Cook these until they are brown until crispy.



Season the alligator on both sides then sear in a hot pan with a little oil. Flip to cook on both sides then  finish with a little squeezed lemon juice.
Shave and slice a little radish and sprinkle with a few box basil leaves.
Kids will love telling anyone who will listen that they had snappy the alligator for dinner.

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