Apple Squeeze in Lenox, Massachusetts





When thinking about fall in New England we think about beautiful foliage, cool nights, good wine, cozy sweaters, pumpkin picking and of course, apples.  It is, perhaps, our favorite of all seasons.  Today in Lenox, thousands of people flocked to the Lenox Apple Squeeze.  We had gone into town early to walk our little Jack Russell, Lucy, and the town was quiet.  No sooner did we get her home and turn around to go back to this festival which began at 10, and we were lucky to get a parking spot.  It was packed.  Maybe, perhaps, too packed for our liking, but good for the festival.


The streets were lined with artisans, local businesses holding sidewalk sales as well as some local schools fundraising through food sales.  There were hayrides and bounce houses and just loads of people out enjoying this gorgeous day.


We can honestly say that we did not see many (or any) unusual apple dishes…but when we came across this display of gigantic cakes made by Mary’s Kitchen we stopped in our tracks just from the sheer size of them.  Our photos do not do justice to the size of the cakes but they were huge.  A table full of gorgeous homemade cakes in all sorts of flavors including chocolate, red velvet, lemon, carrot and our favorite…the chocolate zucchini.  So gigantic that they were $10 a slice.  Yes, $10 for one slice that would feed a small family.


We had told ourselves going in that our focus was apples.  Did we purchase any apple related dish? No.  Did we purchase a $10 slice of chocolate zucchini cake? We sure did.  And we delighted in every rich, moist, chocolaty bite.  We can safely say it was the very best cake we have had in a long time and perhaps even ever.


We didn’t find a web site for Mary’s Kitchen, but did ask for a card.  You can contact Mary Zabian at Mary’s Kitchen.


Mary’s Kitchen
26 Lee Road
Lenox, Massachusetts




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