Barons de Rothschild Reserve Speciale Bordeaux Rouge 2010


As it is grilling season we decided that it was time for a simple meal of steak, potatoes and salad. We love Bordeaux and even have family who live there.  On my way home from the market I stopped off at Eddie’s Liquors, one of our very favorite wine stops, in Springfield, MA, and this bottle grabbed my attention.


With hints of black currents and cherries, this Bordeaux was smooth and powerful.  We found it to be full flavored with a peppery hint.  It was the perfect accompaniment to go with our steak.  We tend to open a good bottle of wine when we are cooking, and often use it to enhance the meal in sauces…what we usually find is that by the time the meal is done cooking so is the bottle of wine!  Maybe next time we will buy two…








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