Beef Carpaccio with Celeriac Remoulade


It is a snowy winter day here in New England and we have spent the entire morning cooking.  For lunch we wanted something simple and light as we have been eating a lot of comfort food lately and needed a change.  We had a lovely piece of tenderloin in the fridge for tomorrow’s Sunday lunch and decided to use some of it to create a simple beef carpaccio.


Beef carpaccio is essentially very thin slices of raw beef. OK, we know that some people find the idea of this a little ‘eew’, but if you try it we are sure that you will love it.  Strangely the finished dish does not even taste beefy. We first had this dish when traveling by train through Italy to catch the Brindisi – Patras ferry to Greece and just remember the stunning colors and the mix of delicious flavors.


If you are going to make this then you must ensure that your beef is fresh and from a good butcher. You must also keep it well chilled until you need it.



We began by trimming a celeriac down and then slicing it on our mandolin.




Once shredded we added a spoonful of mustard and a few tablespoons of mayonnaise.


We seasoned our beef with salt and pepper.


It was then quickly seared on each side.


When done we sliced it thin and then pounded it out and layered it on the plate.  In the center of the dish we placed a square mold and spooned in the remoulade.


The carpaccio and remoulade was then drizzled with olive oil, capers and flat leaf parsley.  We tossed some shredded romaine in olive oil and lemon and added it to the sides of the plate.


This lunch was light and simple and so tasty.  We loved the salty capers against the melt in your mouth beef.  The celeriac remoulade added a crunchy texture that completed the dish.


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