Blueberry Coriander Muffins

I am quietly obsessed with flavor combinations these days and was looking for something to add to our normal blueberry muffin to make it stand out a bit.  In her book, The Flavour Thesaurus, Niki Segnit suggests that coriander lends itself well to enhancing the flavor of blueberry muffins because of its floral citrusy aroma.  So blueberry coriander it was as we are big, BIG fans of both.  We ground the coriander seed and added it to the batter along with our blueberries and un-toasted coconut.  Adding a light orangey glaze to the top before sprinkling with toasted coconut and fresh coriander really put these muffins over the top.

If I’m honest, I should tell you that I am a muffin snob.  It is not often that I come across a muffin recipe that I am completely happy with, and even far less frequent that I find a muffin worthy of finishing if I am out for breakfast. Today must have been my lucky day.  After much reading and researching I found the perfect muffin recipe in Fine Cooking Magazine.  This will be the one that we use from here on out.  These muffins contain just the right amount of air to make them muffin like rather than cake like.  They are not dense but they are hearty.  The best part is that they work well with all sorts of fill ins- (as you will see if you click the link here– it is such a super cute visual guide) I made two batches, one with fruit and one with chocolate.  They taste great with both! The best tip from the Fine Cooking post was the advice on overfilling the muffin pan.  Yes, overfilling.  I always fill three quarters of the way- today I took a chance and filled just a pinch over the top.  The result? Bakery style muffins! They are gigantic.  Gorgeous.  Yummy.  Everything you could possibly want in a muffin. The flavor combination was a total winner.  If you are looking for a new muffin recipe try these- they are so good!





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