Breakfast Alfresco featuring Chive Flowers


In the spring and summer we love to sit outside and enjoy as many meals as possible on our little patio which is surrounded by herb filled raised garden beds.  On this lovely morning we decided to make our favorite British style scrambled eggs with fresh parsley and chives. We did not want our beautiful chive flowers to go to waste so we garnished the dish with their delicate petals.



We began with four eggs, some heavy cream, a splash of milk and a chunk of butter which we whisked together.  We had some whole grain bagles which we buttered in preparation for going on the grill.  We also cut some chives and parsley.





After chopping the chives we added them to our egg mixture and cooked them on the side burner on our grill.



We put the bagles on the grill and kept a close eye on the eggs.  If you are not from England you may not be used to eating your scrambled eggs as runny as we like them.  I’ll be honest, as an American it took me a long time to get used to eating the eggs this way, but they are now my favorite and I can’t eat them as I used to any more.  They do not take very long to cook though (about four minutes on a slow heat) and you need to catch them at the perfect moment and remove them from the heat.


This breakfast is so yummy and is one we enjoy often with different twists and flavors.  The chive flowers were a beautiful and subtle flavor to the creamy eggs.


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