Canyon Bakehouse GF Bread

About nine months ago I drastically changed my diet and started eating gluten, sugar, dairy and nightshade free.  OH MY GOD.  This has been the most difficult thing EVER.  It has also made blogging far less fun because I LOVE BAKING.  I LOVE SUGAR.  I LOVE BREAD.  I LOVE WHOLE MILK.  For nearly nine months I did not eat any bread.  Except those few times I totally caved and had the most amazing croissants ever because an incredible bakery moved in across the street from my new shop. Enter numerous curse words here because I lost all willpower. But….I got back on track when I realized they had gluten free granola.  Still, no sandwiches for me at home.  I tried.  I tried so many gluten free breads that were sticky and icky.  I gave up.  And then I found Canyon Bakehouse’s gluten free bread.  This is just a tiny shout out to say thank you, Canyon Bakehouse, for making my first breakfast sandwich after a very long time taste better than I could have hoped.  To be able to eat the same breakfast as my family was HUGE.  This bread freezes beautifully.  It toasts perfectly.  It tastes amazing! I have since also bought the cinnamon raisin which I love for breakfast.  The seven grain is great for breakfast flavors and lunch.  My egg and bacon sandwiches make me not miss regular bread.  Lunch is no longer just soup or salad or hummus on rice crackers.  If you are eating gluten free and are looking for a bread that does not taste like cardboard give this a try.  If you have other favorites I’d love to know what they are!



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