Carr’s Apple Pommeau


On Fridays from 1:00-5:00, Shakespeare and Company in Lenox, Massachusetts is home to the Lenox Farmer’s Market.  This past Friday we stopped by and went home with an amazing bottle of Carr’s Apple Pommeau.


We had never tried this before, but couldn’t help but notice (week after week) that this particular little tiny tented stand had a line all the time! What was all the fuss about?  We had to find out.


With a gorgeous set up and opportunities to sample before you buy, who wouldn’t love this amazing product? We can’t wait to go back and get a second bottle.


This lovely apple pommeau was enjoyed (by us) with a plate of local cheeses made in Vermont.  The flavor of the pommeau was light and refreshing when served in a glass over a couple of ice cubes and enjoyed slowly. It bought back memories of holidays in Normandy, France as a child where young Calvados is always available.


From the web site of Carr’s Cider House…
“Apple Pommeau (19.5% a.b.v.) This sweet nectar is port-like in strength and has unmatched apple intensity.  It’s a special blend (based on a traditional French tipple) of hard cider and apple brandy that is superb for slowly sipping over ice.  Preferably by the side of a fire, in a comfy chair….”
We highly recommend a drive on over to Lenox to pick up a bottle for yourself!


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