Chocolate Dipped Oreos

My kids have no idea that they are not Irish.  They love St. Patrick’s Day just as much as everyone else in New England who is Irish for the day.  They also love Pinterest.  If you are a mom you might be like me and have endless Pinterest ideas boards for your kids.  This past weekend we found some really fun St. Patrick’s Day ideas to test out.  One easy idea we loved was for chocolate dipped Oreos.  I am not the mom who has Oreos in the house on a regular basis so when my kids do get them they are somewhat of a luxury.  It also made this simple project a real hit because they were getting something that is usually off limits.

Because this is so basic, all you need to try this at home is a package of Oreos, some melting chocolate and sprinkles.  We like to use the small white chocolate discs you can find at Walmart or Michael’s.  We put them in a microwave safe bowl and heat for about a minute.  They will not look melted, but when you give them a quick stir they blend together.  You can dip your Oreos flat on the top or just half on a side.  We immediately spooned sprinkles onto the chocolate before placing the cookies on a wax paper lined baking sheet and into the fridge.

Voila! Simple.  Sweet.  Pretty.  The best part is that your kids will love it because they can do most of it themselves!