Ciao Bella Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet…a Review




A couple of years ago we were in the market, where, I’m sure we were not looking for sorbet, but much more likely ice cream or ice cream sandwiches or something with fat and yumminess that we didn’t associate with sorbet.


What we found was Ciao Bella Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet.  I think it was the “cabernet” portion of the sorbet that interested us the most so we bought it….and we have been buying it ever since.


Our market at home is a bit cheaper than the market here where we are for the summer.  Tonight we paid $5.99 for this container of sorbet, which, we’re sure is at least a dollar more than we pay back home.  It is worth it though. This stuff is amazing.


For starters we loved the color – a deep magenta purple wine combination.


We also love the flavor.  It is deep and intense with a high blackberry concentration but then a twinge of cabernet.  It is creamy and icy at the same time.  So refreshing and fabulous for a hot night in the summer.




We like to pair it with fresh blackberries and crunchy butter crisps.  We hope you’ll try it.  It is one of our favorites!



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