Cranberry Gin Chutney

A few months back you may remember our Cranberry Gin blog.  Well the gin is ready! As often as possible we try to utilize every part of the ingredients we cook with.  Whilst we have created a fabulous cocktail with our gin, we decided to take the six month old gin infused cranberries and make a chutney.



Our first step was to pop the cranberries out of the gin jar.
They were then roughly chopped.
We also had some preserved lemon that we had made ages ago.  We chopped it and added it to our berries.


We roughly chopped a shallot.
Add the berries, shallot, lemon, salt and pepper to a small stock pan.  We added about 1/4 cup white balsamic and water as well.  Go sparingly on the balsamic- a little goes a long way!  Allow the mixture to simmer over a low heat for at least an hour.  Remove it and allow it to cool completely before cooling it in the fridge.
We left ours overnight and served it the next day with our Hurricane Irene Cakes.  We are looking forward to serving it with a really good cheddar later.


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