Cranberry Gin


I found a bag of cranberries in the fridge that I had bought a while back and forgotten all about. Back in England an old friend and Fenland Butcher, Reg Yules, used to make incredible sloe gin. So I thought I’d try that recipe with cranberries.






juniper berries



Wash the cranberries.




Take an empty bottle and clean well. Once clean, fill with boiling water to sterilize.





Fill about an 1/8th of the bottle with sugar.



Take a silver fork (Reg always said that it had to be silver but he never told me why!) and prick each cranberry.




Fill the bottle almost to the top with the pricked cranberries.




Add a couple of juniper berries (this is optional, but I find it helps to keep that lovely gin taste as a background flavour).



Fill the bottle with gin and seal the top.



Shake well and then store turning at least once a day.




In respect to the memory of Reg, we have to be true to his directions which means we need to now wait for 3 months (turning the bottle each day) before we can sample this bottle and let you know how it tastes.


We’ll provide our next update on this blog on 01 June 2011.

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