Curried Monkfish with Sorghum

One of the things we love most about where we live is the access to very fresh fish. Locally we love to go to Seawell Seafood in Pawcatuck, Connecticut.

Last week we picked up one pound of monkfish for $4.99. Talk about an affordable option to feed your family fresh, locally sourced fish! We made four versions of lunches- my favorite was the curried monkfish with sorghum.

We love sorghum. It is gluten free and so versatile. This whole grain does not contain an inedible hull making it retain the majority of its nutrients. It is also non-GMO. Maybe not the most popular here in the States, but if you haven’t tried it yet, give it a try. Our son said it reminded him a lot of Israeli cous cous. It has a bit more of a bite to it than that, but it does have that same mouth feel. We cooked 1 cup of sorghum with three cups of water until all the liquid was absorbed. After it was cooked we dressed it with olive oil, cilantro and lime. We set it aside while the fish cooked.

We cleaned the monkfish by removing all gray sinue. It was vacuum packed with curry powder, salt, pepper, a teaspoon of olive oil, cardamom and three slices of lime. It was cooked in a water bath using our Anova sous vide circulator at 130 for thirty minutes. Once removed from the bath each piece was pan fried for about one minute each side.

To serve, we added some roasted cauliflower and diced radish along with some salt and pepper. The great thing about this salad is it can be eaten hot or cold. We made this for lunch for two- so of our one pound of monkfish we used about a third. The monkfish was quite mild and absorbed the flavor of the curry powder beautifully.