Dave’s Coffee in Charlestown, Rhode Island

It has not been easy to find a local coffee shop other than Dunkin’ Donuts in our new location.  I hear there are a few worth trying – but we’ve yet to make it to them.  Lucky for me, I am not a real coffee drinker so I can get by with the once in a while stop somewhere.  The other one of us has a bit of a Nespresso addiction so he fares ok at home…until of course…we run out.  Despite living here for nearly six months now,  we had not made it to the most famous local coffee stop yet.  Dave’s Coffee is located right outside of Westerly in Charlestown.  I read that it originally opened in 2003 as part of the attached boutique but has since “taken on a life of its own”.  We have loved their coffee syrups since our move and have incorporated them into all sorts of desserts and drinks.  We really love their packaging.  We had driven by the old property which houses the coffee shop on various outings, but didn’t usually have time to stop.  This morning was brisk and gorgeous with the stunning foliage.  It was just the sort of lazy morning that warranted a local trip somewhere – so, as we drove by, we decided that would be our first stop of the day.

The inside of the cafe reminded me of one of those tiny hole in the wall type coffee shops located in college towns such as Northampton.  The sort where you can sit for hours with your laptop using the free wi-fi while you work on papers and hang out with friends.  It was cozy and dark.  Simple and relaxed.  Being that we were there on a weekday off season it was very quiet-  although I’m sure in season it can be noisy and perhaps difficult to maneuver inside of because of its small size.  Today was perfect though.  The service was excellent.  The food, which is made on premises, was really good.  I know that “really good” is not the ideal way to describe something I’ve just eaten but it is that simple.  I am a muffin snob.  It is so difficult to find a really good muffin and these giant sugar topped muffins were just that.  Really, really good.  Crunchy tops and dense insides.  Large, juicy blueberries.  We also had a cappuccino and a hot chocolate with whipped cream, because, well…who can say no to whipped cream on a day like today? The coffee making process is entirely done by hand.  The beans are roasted locally. We were so glad we stopped and to make the visit even better this tiny cafe is attached to a lovely little boutique called the Galapagos Boutique.  They sell gorgeous clothing and British shoes…do I need to tell you that the other one of us has found his new shoe store?

If you are in the Westerly area you should really stop by.  Dave’s Coffee is located at 5193 Old Post Road in Charlestown, Rhode Island.  They are open from 6-6.  You can also visit their shop in Providence, like them on Facebook, or find them on Instagram.











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