Dried Orange Slices Dipped in Dark Chocolate with Crushed Pecans


We might have mentioned before that we love our local Home Goods store.  It happens to be next to the market so it is often tempting to just run in for a second…which turns into an hour easily.  Last weekend I found a bag of Bella Viva Orchards Pure & Natural Orange Slices.  What I liked about them was that they were all natural- nothing at all added under ingredients except oranges!  I couldn’t resist and threw them in the cart.



When I bought them I wasn’t sure what I would do with them, or how they would taste.  The bag says you can eat the entire slice….even the peel.  You can add them to your tea, you can snack on them, you could even place them atop a cake for decoration.  I ultimately decided to dip them in dark chocolate and then sprinkle on crushed pecans and orange zest.


This was so simple.  I brought a pot of water to a simmer and placed a glass dish on the top of the pan in which I put the chocolate pieces.  When it was melted I dipped the orange slices in and then sprinkled them with the pecan zest mixture before placing them in the fridge to set.



 I loved the way these looked. The center of the orange was intensely flavored but I found the rind to be a bit bitter.  The chocolate and orange together was, as we all know, a perfect match.  The pecans added a nice texture.


These would be great for an afternoon tea party or summertime pool party snack.







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