Figs with Mint, Feta & Coconut Milk

Sometimes we are drawn to products we don’t usually buy.  The other day there were gorgeous, fresh figs at the local market.  Figs are not something we usually eat.  I still equate them with fig newtons and have dreadful memories of them from childhood.  Still, there they were looking gorgeous and special in the produce section and I couldn’t leave them there.  Into the cart they went and into the fridge when we got home and there they sat.  And sat.  And sat.   For a couple of days until we decided to use them in a lovely salad.  Heading back to our very over read Flavour Thesaurus, we read that figs are perfect matches for mint and feta.  We happened to have both so this seemed like lunchtime fate.  We also had some coconut milk left over from popsicles we had made yesterday and wanted to use it up.  We sliced the figs in half, arranged them on a plate, crumbled some feta, chiffonaded some mint and then lightly drizzled the entire salad with the milk.  It acted as a dressing of sorts and added a creamy texture to the bite of the fig and fuzzy softness of the mint.  This was a great flavor combination and one that we will use again before the summer is over.




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