Five Spiced Salted Pecans…for Ice Cream!



 Sweet or savory? Do you mix? One of us does….and one of us didn’t….until now!


Last week we went to the Tanglewood Music Festival for a fabulous night of Beethoven where we sat on the lawn and enjoyed a little picnic of snacks (see previous blog).


We had made some five spice salted pecans and have not been able to eat them all.  Hating to waste food we look for ways to recycle it.  In this case what better to do with salty nuts but to put them on really yummy vanilla ice cream!



If you missed our blog on the nuts the recipe was quite simple.  We began with a pound of pecans, added 4 tablespoons of butter, brown sugar, salt and then a good sized handful of five spice.


 Gently toast the pecans in a frying pan for a couple of minutes before you add the butter and stir until it is melted and coating the pecans.



Once the nuts are coated in the butter add the brown sugar, salt and five spice and continue to stir until everything is coated.





 We decided to finish ours with some black lava salt and then we put them on cookie sheets lined with parchment paper where they could cool completely.


These were delicious just as they were for our picnic….but when you have leftovers you need to get creative.



Putting the five spiced, salted nuts on top of the ice cream was perfect! Salty, sweet, crunchy, smooth….so good that even the non savory-sweet mixer has switched their (his) ways!


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