Freeze Ahead Cookie Dough


Every year on the first day of school my mother would make chocolate chip cookies which we would find waiting for us on our arrival home.  Perhaps that is why a simple chocolate chip cookie is still my very favorite.  With the hectic lives and schedules we hold today, there is not always time to whip up a batch of cookies.  Although you can easily go to the market and purchase pre-made cookie dough, we find it much better to make our own and freeze it ahead of time so that when we need (or want) cookies they are a cinch to pop in the oven.



On a day that you do have time, make your favorite dough.  If you are like me it will be difficult not to just eat that as it is! If you manage to restrain yourself you will need a freezer safe plastic container, parchment paper and a cookie scoop.



Scoop out the dough.


Place the scoops into a plastic container.
Once the bottom layer is in, place a piece of parchment paper over top and continue the process until the container is full.  Label the container with the type of dough and date and place it in the freezer.




The beauty of this is whether you want one cookie or a plate of cookies, the dough is there ready to be cooked and the process is super simple making enjoying a warm chocolate chip cookie an every day occasion.

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