Fun with Cake

It all started with a walk through Home Goods.  Spread out throughout the food section were these gorgeous jars of vibrant rock candy.  How could we leave them there? A rainbow of colors just waiting to come home with us.  We scooped them up before anyone else had the chance.  Our first thought was cake.  We made a simple three layer lemon pudding cake and, with the left over batter, filled a few little cake molds to test out.  The rock candy is flavored so we opted for a lemon cake because we knew it would compliment the other “fruity” flavors the rock candy would provide.

Now, cake decorators we are not.  We recently watched an old episode of Master Chef (or something like that) and the announcer was talking about one of the contestants having started cooking and baking when she was very young.  We immediately thought of our six year old and decided she should have a go at frosting the cake since she absolutely loves to help in the kitchen.  Before school the kids set out to separate some of our multi-colored cake decorations and after school the frosting began.  Our kitchen was a bit of a mess with discarded cake tops, sprinkles, rock candy, etc. but it was fun…even for this fairly neat Virgo.  We did help with the first layer of frosting and the actual placement of the decorations (again, note the disclaimer early in the post) but next time we will let her do it all.














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