Guldenberg Belgian Abbey Ale

Belgium has some of the greatest breweries in the world. Two years ago we spent a few days in Brussels, Waterloo and Brugge.  We have fond memories of sitting in a medieval Belgic market square with some Pomme Frites (French fries ……they come from Belgium) and sipping on an amazing beer. The king of the Belgium has some of the greatest artisan beer makers as his subjects.  Beer, in the past, was often safer to drink than the water, and so in Belgium and England it was the Monks and Abbots who created the great beers.



Guldenberg is one of the great beers. It has so much depth of flavor and is truly a taste of history.


We are lucky that this amazing beer is imported into the US by a local firm right here in Massachusetts.


It comes in a bottle that is the size and shape that one usually associates with wine ……oh yeah the cost is also more akin to wine too!


But once you open the bottle and pour the hoppy amber nectar into a fine glass you will, we are sure, savor every mouthful of this wonderful brew.


The amber color and rich flavor pairs well with grilled meats or cheese. If you are so inclined then why not make a bowl of fresh French (Belgium) fries and, to be true to Belgium, smother them in ketchup and mayonnaise!


Guldenberg is imported by Shelton Brothers in Belchertown, Massachusetts.




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