Purple Barley Pancakes

Our family is BIG on pancakes.  We have a designated pancake mixing bowl.  When the kids see it on the counter they get very excited.  I’m glad about that because as a child pancakes were my very favorite and so to know that they find them equally special makes the breakfast cook in me very happy.  This week for the first time we made purple barley pancakes from Hayden Flour Mills.  Hayden Flour Mills has a passion for “heritage grains we’re bringing back from near-extinction”.  We are so glad they are!

Made with Tibetan Purple Barley flour, these pancakes were actually a very pale shade of purple.  Our kids loved that.  So simple to make with one cup of flour, one cup of water and a tablespoon of melted butter, the mix was thin and made about twelve pancakes.  We can’t wait to try the other flavors Red Fife and White Sonora. While white flour pancakes can leave you feeling a little, well, fluffy, these purple barley pancakes had the opposite effect.  They energized us for the morning.  With a nutty flavor which we paired with blackberries and warm maple syrup, these pancakes were thin and full of craters on one side.  We loved that because it cradled the maple syrup perfectly.

If you are local to South County, Rhode Island, stop by and try a box for your pancake breakfast.  Our Watch Hill shop is open this weekend Sunday 10-6, Monday 10-2.  For next week’s hours please check our web site or Facebook page.

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